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                                                Winners of my awards 
                                  I give out awards to Sailor Moon homepages.To apply for my awards
                              look in Haruka's Trophy Case and pick which one you want,then fill out
                              the form.This page is to link people who won my awards.Each of these
                              sites were judged to be good and were awarded one of my beautiful
                              awards ^_~.Keep in mind that all the things on this page are only my.
                             .uhum...humble  opinion

Beautiful Site Award Winners  

Kagome's Sailor Moon Site  
Really nice look,good info,and easy loading  
The Inner Scouts Menagerie  
Really good concept....I liked the look and the backgrounds  
Sailor Neptune's Sailor Moon Page 
the graphics are nice and evrythings easy to get to 
Eternal Sailor Star
one of the best,simplistic and very cool site design that I have seen,very beautiful

Award of True Good Winners  

Sailor Jupiters Homepage  
Pretty good site with alot of content,not as polished as some but with its own charm 
Lady Jupiter's Eternal Sailor Moon Page  
Very pretty page,I liked the lake applet and the title graphic.Easy to surf and pretty easy loading 
The Moon Family 
A wonderful site on the moon family,I adore the java buttons on the gateway page.I also liked the graphics that were custom made. 
Quiet Time 
I loved the name and the layout looked very slick if a bit plain,I also liked the 
Terra's Lair-Sailor Moon
A very cool frames site.I like all of the title graphics,they look so kawaii!^_^

Six Star Award(my best) Winners  

Sailor Io's Venus Shrine  
Totally awesome,polished look that I enjoyed very much  
also nice content and easy loading 

Winners of Kewl Site Award  

Shrine of Aqua Rhapsody  
A very cool,orgonized site that is constantly being improvedl 
Temple of The Moon Kingdom  
This site has a nice look,a minimum number of broken links and is pretty kewl. 
Starbunny's Sailor Moon Manga Mansion 
Not bad for a first try,not much content but some cool creative fanfic and humor 
Heather's Sailor Moon Page
A very cool site.I think it would look better with a jazzier layout but it's a nice page^_^

Winners of Award of True Evil  

JUNO´s Amazoness4-Center 
A very Kawaii site.It looks orgonized and very pretty.All the graphics are so cute!! 
an awesome looking site,everything looks like a slick james bond flick and I really liked their black lady backgrounds and newsletter 

 Winners of Award of Effort 

 ChibiUsa's Wild Sugar Rush!! 
A kute kute name and a nice layout,the whole page is so fun and light! 
D Soldiers 
a very creative,funky site,I really thought this page showed alot of effort 
Luna N's Silver Millennium
the page shows great promise and the layout images are interesting
Crystal Illusions
I really liked the background on this page and the layout images were very cool

Winners of my Giggle Award 

Sakura's Floating Shrine 
a very funny site that inspired me to make this all new giggle award!