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 Kawamura Maria is an experiened voice actress.She has appeared in tons of anime's
including Sailor Moon as the voice of Eudial.Her birthday is 11-21-1961 and she was born in
Tokyo.In case you care,^_^ her blood type is AB.She is part of The Ripple,a band(I think 0_0.It's
made up of Honda Chieko,Kawamura Maria,and Matsui Naoko. They are the voice actresses in
the anime Silent Moebius.The Ripple released a self titled album.Is'nt she kawaii?
Roles(that are familiar to me): f
Shoujo Kakumei Utena;Shadow Girl A f
Shoujo Kakumei Utena;Chida Mamiya f
Saber Marionette J;Tamasaburou  f
El Hazard {TV 2};Ifuriita f
Slayers;Naaga f
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Photo/info from Seiyuu Photo Gallery and Seiyuu Database v