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                   I've read the translated manga from Mixx and seen both the dubbed
               and subbed anime.First off let me say that I absolutely love the manga
               and artbook images.They have an elegance and air of style that I really
               enjoy.The anime does have a nice look but one look at an artbook pic
               and you never think of Usagi in the same way.Next let's move on to
               plot:I saw the dic version and read the first few manga volumes.Now,
               let me tell ya.......I got really confused by the manga.If you only see the
               DIC version and you read the manga try to forget all you have seen
               and heard because it'll only confuse the heck out of you.The plot in the
               manga is much more complex and there are small little details you
               notice that are not present in the anime.There is also more character
               development in the manga.The anime's plot is pretty good though
               sometimes the DIC version of Usagi is enough to drive one to drink.
               If you really like the anime you'll like the manga even more.One plus
               to the anime is you can see the series all the way through,the manga
               is'nt all translated yet.You can find the fansubbed tapes if you look
               hard enough.In my(humble)opinion I like the manga better than the
               anime.Though the plot can be a bit confusing at times the look and
               excellent character development more than make up for it.I'm not
               saying the anime is bad just that I prefer the manga.In conclusion,
               the anime rocks but the manga rocks even harder ^_^